Buying a Home...Here is How I Will Help

Anyone interested in the purchase a Vancouver home for sale or investment property is welcome to contact me to receive my free Buyer's Information Package.  Receiving this package does not create any obligation on your part. This package includes information on buying a home including types of homes, types of ownership, determining what you can afford, types of financing, closing costs, location, types of zoning, property taxes, home inspection, etc. It also contains sample contracts which we will go over, that way you know what to expect when we are writing an offer. Along with other information that will help you prepare for and enjoy the process of buying and moving into a new home. It should be exciting and fulfilling not intimidating and overwhelming.

If we choose to work together to find you a home or investment property you can expect:


  1. Reliable timely service Monday to Sunday 9am to 9 pm including call backs within 3 hours when unable to answer your call.

  2. A professional who believes the process is to be one of teamwork, loyalty, shared ideas, thoughts and results. I will do my very best to ensure you are listened to and your communications are responded to and/or acted upon.

  3. Assist you in an analysis of your needs, wants and desires and capabilities; in order to ensure you make an informed and successful decision..

  4. Provide you with a list of properties that meet the criteria identified which may include: price range, square footage, location, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, construction/age of building, size of lot, corner/end unit etc. I will make arrangements for us to view properties in alignment with your schedule..

  5. All viewings will be tracked in a personal binder, available to you, including MLS data, our notes, any additional information relevant to the property. This will allow us to track and adjust your preferences as needed to ensure we are efficient and effectively selecting you your next home..

  6. A private website where you can review all properties that match your home search criteria, review my recommended properties, and indicate properties you would like to view or rule out all together. New listings that match your criteria will be available on your site as soon as they are loaded into the MLS system. You will receive email notification as soon as they appear reducing the chances of missing out on your dream home..

  7. I will work with you in your desired location until we find the property that you know is the one that is right for you..

  8. When ready to write an offer, you will be provided with a detailed analysis of current market activity and pricing in a spreadsheet format to assist in determining your offer price and any subsequent counter offers if needed.

I am confident of my ability to serve and guide you in accomplishing your goals of home ownership, now you know how I will do it. Feel free to refer back to this page during our relationship and bring forward any feedback if you feel I am underachieving with any of these items. UA-3159409-1