Why use a Realtor when buying a home...

A Realtor can sit down with your family and help you decide what kind of property you really need, and what you can afford. They can then also help refer you to a lender most suited to your needs

A Realtor will help you find all suitable available properties, using the Multiple Listing Service and their comprehensive network of contacts. This includes properties that have not yet been advertised in real estate newspapers, and haven't yet made it to public-access websites. A Realtor will take care of all the legwork for you.

A Realtor is an invaluable source of information on current market conditions and the community that you're thinking of moving into. They will provide you with important details about school boundaries, zoning and utilities, as well as providing details on market values in the area.

A Realtor will walk you through your property purchase, explaining all the legal paperwork and your obligations when entering a property purchase. They will help you prepare a successful offer when you've finally found the home of your dreams, and then present the offer and negotiate on your behalf.

Finally your Realtor can then recommend other professionals such as lawyers, notaries public and home inspectors to make sure your home transaction completes as smoothly as possible.

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